Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Treasury

I just LOVE creating treasuries! It's wonderful to take my favorite items and sellers and group them into lovely displays! I know I am always thrilled to the gills to be included in a treasury, and I believe everyone on Etsy feels that way! 

Click to see my new Treasury, Cozy Winter Reds

New and Renew

Welcome to my blog! My Mother and I began selling our birdhouses on Etsy about two months ago. We are so thrilled to have had some success online and locally! 

Today was so spring-like! It would have been a great day to get out the tools and construct some new birdhouses, but instead the family and I went to play tennis! Tennis at the end of December!

We did have one sale today, which frankly was a very pleasant surprise! I expected a dry spell after the holidays, but common sense now tells me that I am still buying on Etsy, and others are too! I am not the only after-holiday Etsy shopper! *gasp*

I renewed a few listings today, bringing some beauties up from the back! This rustic white house is happy to be on page 1 again! :)