Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost Spring!

Hello to my little neglected blog. Life has been busy and hectic and I have been ill. Today I am feelilng better and wanted to post a little bit and also show off my new treasury. 

The treasury is in honor of the book and movie Coraline. I read it to my little boys and then we went to see the movie. The movie, as usual, is quite different from the book, but we loved both and I encourage you to enjoy them for yourselves! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be visiting all of you more after my wedding next weekend when life will return to a steady, slower pace! 


  1. Welcome back...hope you are feeling better. Great treasury.

  2. Thank you, sassyglassdesigns! I am feeling much better this evening. It just seems like my little family has caught illness after illness since the holidays!


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