Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Details Won Me Over

Don't you just adore my splendid vendor apron!? I do too! It was made by the talented team of ETSY's Strawberryona! Kathy and her friend are so talented. The true beauty lies in the details of the apron. And the fit is so good. Strawberryona takes your measurements to be sure your apron fits like it should! Each seam is expertly sewn, leaving you with a high-quality garment you can use for years and years!

If you're in need of a cute vendor apron, hand crafted crocheted goodies, or holiday ornaments, head on over to Strawberryona today!


  1. Thanks for the review, Angie! I'm so glad you like your apron!

  2. And thank you for the cute apron! :)



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