Monday, November 29, 2010


Hello friends! I'm so sorry I've not blogged here since February! A lot is going on in my life. I will try to catch you up.

My husband, two sons, and I are moving to the Denver, CO area in just a week and a half! My husband has taken a job with the city of Denver. We are currently searching for a house online and setting up times to view homes this weekend. We will then drive a 26 foot truck across two states the following weekend.

I will be homeschooling the boys through the remainder of the year. This will be an exciting adventure and I'm sure I will grow to be an even more frazzled mother! @_@

As far as Times And Chimes goes, I am not sure how my move with affect the business. As you know, Times And Chimes is comprised of my lovely mother, Deb, and I. We currently live right next-door to each other, which has made it so easy to create together. We still have items in our shop, and the shop will remain open. The part that I'm unsure about is how often we will be getting together to create NEW items. I am sure I will be visiting at least once a year and I hope Mom and I will be able to work on new birdhouses and crafts then.

For now, I am pondering starting yet another blog, this time for my journey as a new Colorado resident and homeschooling mother. I will let you all know if and when I get that new blog up, and would love to be friends with you there!

I hope the holiday season is bringing comfort and joy your way! xoxo Angie

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