Thursday, January 1, 2009



Today we had sunny skies and bearable temperatures. Finally, a good day for photography! :o)

I've been going through my Etsy Listings and trying to better my photographs, descriptions, and tagging. One by one, I choose birdhouses, take them outside, search for the right place to display them, and try my hand at steady, clear photography. Once I'm successful I upload new photos and edit my listings, and often renew a few items every few days. It's nice to see the shop beginning to evolve into a more professional venue. 

The majority of our online sales come from brand new Etsy accounts, or accounts that have little feedback. This tells me that we are generally sought out through the search tools and what lands our sales is likely our photographs. These observations drive me to get out and try to improve my photography skills every day that I'm able. 


  1. Very, very cute birdhouses! Even though my shop logo is a cat (following birdhouses!?!), I'm an avid bird watcher for many years. I live on the Gulf Coast, straight in the migration path spring/fall, so I can see many different types of birds throughout the year. Good luck with your photography and sales in 2009!


  2. Thanks, Dana! We moved to Branson MO after spending ten years on the Gulf- near Freeport! Bird watching is so wonderful, they are such great creatures! Thanks for following my blog! :)



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